50 WISHES/ 50 VOEUX is an intervention/ installation that took place at gallery La Centrale in Montreal, from November 2006 to January 2007, as part of the Take my breath away exhibition. Cards were passed to the public, inviting them to write their greatest wish. They could leave their address on the reverse of the card, in order to receive the realisation of their wish through the post.

50 wishes were collected in a postbox by the entrance/exit of the gallery. Before the exhibition ended in January, all the wishes were inscribed, one by one, on the gallery floor. All 'wishers' will receive a drawing giving an interpretation of their wish through the post. The reverse of each drawing will contain the fragment of an overall composition linking the 50 wishes together.

Watch this space as it will be documenting the 50 wishes/50 voeux project in progress, presenting the drawings of the wishes, the composition linking all the wishes together, the wish cards and the floor installation.








© Noémi McComber 2007